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At Mexican Twisted, we understand the importance of creating a memorable experience for your special occasions. Lets elevate your next Delivery with these add-ons!


Rustic Warmers

Looking for a Barn look. Look no further. Add on your own decor to really tie everything into your party.

Jet Black Warmers

Looking for a little Darker tone crates. Check these out!


Light Wood Warmer

If your looking for lighter tones, with your own custom linen, add your own touch.

Keep the heat on with with our Chafing Tray rentals!

Chaffing Tray Wooden Crate Warmers 


$25 each includes 2 burners each + delivery & set-up.

(A Party of 30 guests usually require 3 chafing trays + 1/2 cold station boxes @$20ea)


Delivery ( $1/mile) some restrictions may apply depending on availability.


Chafing rentals include wooden warmers only. We do not provide decor, tables or linens.

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